Location: 30:25N

The port covers an area of about 1,150,000 m2.
The port has a beacon with a height of 93 ft . and a range of 15 nautical miles.
Size of covered storage = 7,500 m2
Annual Capacity for one shift = 360,000 tons
Annual Capacity for two shifts = 648,000 tons

Port Authority

General Maritime Transport & Ports Organisation, P0 Box 65 , Marsa At Hariga, Tobruk , Libya . Tel: +218 87 24577, Fax: +218 61 29006,

Telex: 40033


Bominflot SA, Goya 59 Piso 2, E-28001 Madrid , Spain .

Tel: +34 91 576 8371, Fax: +34 91 431 0991.

email: a33ee518@gncomtext.com, Telex: 49212

Contact; Mr O Eiper, Bunker Manager; Mr R Voss, Managing Director


ETA's: Vessels should send their ETA to Siret Oil Co. the port authority, 72,48 and 24 hours prior to arrival.

Communications: Radio: VHF: Ch 06, 09, 12, 13, 14 and 16, No radio telephony or wireless telegraphy allowed in Libyan territorial waters.


Sea buoys, fairways and channels: Marsa et Brega is entered between .

Khashm Aritu, 30°26'N 019°38'E. and a point 3nm SW. The approach is through a buoyed channel.

A foul area in which there are numerous rocks awash, extends 0.5nm N from the SW entrance point of Marsa et Brega. The coastal bank with depths of tess than 9m over it and a least depth of l,5m, extends 1nm N of the point, its N extremity being marked by a tightbuoy.

Khashn Aritu is fringed by foul ground extending 0.2nm NNW and depths of less than 9m, extend 0.Snm N of the point.

Pilot: Compulsory. Pilot usually boards near the Brega Buoy.

Anchorages: Anchorage may be obtained E or NE of Brega tightbuoy, in a depth of 36m, moderate holding ground, at least 0.5nm clear of the entrance channels.

Tidal range and flow: Range 0.5m.

Dock density: 1025.

Weather: Prevailing winds: N'ly.

Charts: BA 3350, 3354. Admiralty Pilot NP49.

Restrictions: Before the vessel's first visit to the terminal, Side Oil Company, Libya must be informed of the following:

•  Name and flag of the vessel:

•  Principal dimensions:

•  Tonnage and types of cargo abroad:

•  Number and size of port side connections and distance from the bow.

•  SWL of derricks;

•  Number of shackles of cable.

Tugs: There are 2 tugs, 2,400hp each available.

Pneumatic - Conveyor



Mobile  Harbor Cranes

Fork Lifts

Light Machines
Heavy Machines

Lattice Boom Cranes

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Different Capacity

Container Handling




Berth Type

No of Berths

Length in m.

Depth in m.

General Goods
Dry Cargo
Liquid Cargo


Medical facilities: Limited medical facilities are available.

Transport: Nearest airport: Private airfield (5km).

Working hours: Throughout 24 hours.



Port Authority

Sirte Oil Co. PO Box 385 , Tripoli , Libya . Tel: +218 21 602082.

Fax: +218 21 601487, Telex: 20240

Port Agent

Shahat Shipping Co, PO Box 2973 , Benghazi , Libya .

Tel: +218 61 621386, Telex: 40131


Bominftot SA, Goya 59 Piso 2, E-28001 Madrid , Spain .

Tel: +34 91 576 8377, Fax: +34 91 431 0991.

email: a33ee518@gncomtext.com. Telex: 49212.

Contact: Mn 0 Eiper. Bunker Manager; Mr R Voss, Managing Director